Fabrikam Finland - Example products

Look our selected gallery and select your favorite! If we don't have your favorite color please challenge us! We'll investigate how-to manufacture your suggestion and make an offer to you.
Red fabric

Luxury from Birch

Birch is one of the most exotic Fabric materials that exists. Birch is a tree that grows all over the Finland except the most nordic part. All of our Birch is delivered to our factory using only electric cars that don't have any carbon footprint!

Manufacturing process for Fabrics made from Birch take 18 months. After 18 months of preparing Fabric is ready for you to use. Fabrikam have multiple different colors most famous being our Fabrikam-Red. Fabrikam-Red is one of the most inexpensive colors we have. One meter of Fabricam-Red costs you only 450 euros at your local dealer!
Blue Fabric

Exotic Pine

If something is exotic it is Pine. Pine is to keep in shape because fabric is so strong that it hardly bends. Pine is normally not used in clothes but for example for drapes it makes perfect match! When Fabrikam was found it was Pine that we started to produce first!

Manufacturing Pine fabric is 3 year process. During that time Pine is kept outside for 1,5 years. During this time the wood changes so that it becomes perfect for Fabric manufacturing. Pine as a material is not as cheap as Birch. Ready-made fabrik from Pine is worth 800 euros per meter.
Green fabric

Famous Juniper

Our most famous fabrik material is Juniper. Have you visited Buckingham palace? Today there are over 400 meters of our Juniper fabric in Buckingham palace. Most of the Floor mats are made from that.

Manufacturing process for Fabrics made from Juniper take 7 days. During this 7 days most of the time we're just waiting for Juniper to dry. After it has dried we'll manufacture the fabrik and deliver it to you. One thing to remember when considering Juniper is that it lasts only for 4 months in a good shape so we recommend you to make a subscription to us. We'll deliver you new set of Juniper every quarter! After being chosen to Buckingham palace Juniper became so popular that we had to raise our pricing. Today Juniper costs just over 3000 euros per meter.

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