Fabrikam Finland - We make Fabrics

Hand made fabrics from pure nature of Finland! Fabrikam's eco-friendly fabrics are manufactured in Lappland Finland. Our Fabrics have the smallest carbon footprint in the world!
Red Fabric

Luxury from Birch

Birch is one of the most exotic Fabric materials that exists. Birch is a tree that grows all over the Finland except the most nordic part. All of our Birch is delivered to our factory using only electric cars that don't have any carbon footprint!

Manufacturing process for Fabrics made from Birch take 18 months. After 18 months of preparing Fabric is ready for you to use. Fabrikam have multiple different colors most famous being our Fabrikam-Red. Fabrikam-Red is one of the most inexpensive colors we have. One meter of Fabricam-Red costs you only 450 euros at your local dealer!
Blue Fabric

Eco-Friendly delivery process

We respect the environment. All our fabrics are delivered via our own bicycle courier service directly from Lapland Finland. Over seas delivery is possible during the winter time only!

For most passionate Fabrikam customers we offer also local pickup from our manufacturing site. Please notice that pickup is possible only with electric car or bicycle.
Green Fabric

Privately owned business

Fabrikam is privately owned company that employs 4000 persons in 5 countries. We have Manufacturing site in Lapland Finland. We also have sales offices in London, New York, Paris and Singapore.

Our Resellers are located all over the world. We have both small resellers and few large multinational chains like Contoso Retail! During last 12 months we've also partnered with Cronus International.

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23min: @AlexStubb
Great Fabrics @Fabrikam! My wife will go to Independence day's party wearing your products!

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RT @LauraTikkanen: Wow! Did you see our newest color #FabrikamGreen @Fabrikam. Please order yours today from www.fabrikam.fi

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Wow! Did you see our newest color #FabrikamGreen @Fabrikam. Please order yours today from www.fabrikam.fi